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IT Hummingbird – providing integrated Sales & Marketing Services

IT Hummingbird provides marketing services, outsource sales and technical pre sales consultancy to IT Solution providers and more recently the Healthcare industry. Our aim is to achieve target driven results for our clients, by strengthening brands, finding leads and building loyalty.  We do this with creative marketing content delivered by innovative, as well as more traditional, marketing means.

In addition we have a professional and highly experienced IT Hummingbird sales team to complement the marketing services we provide. More than ever sales and marketing professionals have to work together as an integrated team to achieve maximum results.

At IT Hummingbird we feel our integrated Sales and Marketing approach enables us to provide an excellent service for businesses looking to generate sales leads and have those leads swiftly qualified, followed up and closed. This leaves our clients free to focus on the rest of their business operations and technical development.

The market in which we all we trade is now more global and disruptive than ever.  Competition can be fierce and customers increasingly demanding. Finding the right marketing mix, at the right price, is more important than ever.

An increasing amount of marketing budget is being allocated to digital channels and with new technical tools and platforms emerging at a frenetic pace. Our technical expertise enables us to quickly evaluate the right tools to adopt and to get to grips with new technology with little fuss.

We are based just outside Cambridge, the technical and innovation hotspot of Europe, but we provide services UK wide.

Please take a look at our marketing services and pre-sales consultancy information to see how our services can help you build your business by:

  • Building loyalty,
  • Supporting you with technical consultancy
  • Generating new leads, and
  • Turning those leads into sales
Marketing Services and Pre Sales Consultancy for Technology companies

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